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Bake Sale Delivery Order Form
Customer E-Mail
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Cookies – 2 doz:  Chocolate Chip $12.00  
Cookies – 2 doz:  Oatmeal Raisins $15.00  
Brownies – 1 doz:  Chocolate Brownies $10.00  
Cake:  Chocolate Cake $20.00  
Cup Cakes - 1 doz:  Chocolate Cup Cakes $10.00  
Pie:  Traditional Apple Pie $7.00  
Pie:  Blueberry Pie $8.00  
Pie:  Cherry Pie $8.00  
Your IdeasDescriptionUnit PriceQtyTotal
Your ideas welcome (1st):
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I have a third idea
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Grand Total:
Billing Information
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Middle Initial:
*Last Name:
*Address Line 1:Where your statement is mailed
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Delivery Information
*Same as billing info
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Middle Initial:
*Last Name:
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Payment Information
*Payment Method:
Credit Card Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) 
*Card Number:No dashes or spaces please
*Expiration Month:From your card
*Expiration Year:From your card
*Card Brand:
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