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    Our shopping carts are hosted on servers that are 100% secure; utilizing SSL 256 bit encryption.
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Security Policy    

We use the highest level of security, SSL 256 bit encryption, to insure that your information 100% secure.

Cryptographers consider 256-bit encryption impossible to crack, as it would take millions of years with the fastest computers to try all the combinations. On the other hand, 40- and 56-bit keys are not as strong and it is feasible to try all the combinations.

SSL technology defined

SSL is a protocol for securing communication between a web browser, and web server. Whenever you access a web server using https, the page you are sent is encrypted, and any information you send to that server is also encrypted. Many online transactions fail at the last minute when consumers consider the potential risks of entering their credit card and other personal information, or when it is not clear whether it is safe to download code from your site. Utilizing Godaddy's digital SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 'handshake', based on the leading security protocol on the Internet, you and your customers can rest assured that all online communications are secure while the information is being transmitted. Securing the transmission of information holds obvious benefits, as does signifying that we are a trustworthy online organization. The tried-and-tested technology of Godaddy's SSL Web Server Certificate protects against password and information interception, ensuring that the online relationship we have with you, the customer, will be one based on trust.
   Server Data Center & Physical Security
      Location: Our servers are colocated with IO Data Centers in Scottsdale Arizona.
      Phoenix colocation. An ideal location. Essentially free of natural disasters or ‘mega city’ political risks, the Phoenix/Scottsdale climate and geography provide an unusually stable environment for colocation. Phoenix also offers a compelling power and utility infrastructure.
      High levels of security includes access card system with CCTV, externsive video surveillance, biometric iris scanner, 24X7X365 security staff & VESDA and pre-action fire suppression.
      High Availablity Power: Arizona Public Service(electric company) backed up by 9.4 Mw UPS and five 2.0 Mw Catapillar Diesel generators along with two additional 1.75 Mw Catapillar Diesel generators. 27000 gallons of diesel fuel allow for at least 48 hours of continuous up time, during a power outage, before the aquisition of new fuel is required.
      High Availablity Network: The data center building is network neutral served by several major data and telecommunications carriers; including Cox, AGL, Qwest, and AT&T. Multiple redundant/diverse paths (across any/all of these carriers) ensure the highest server availablility.
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