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How does the Online Reseller Program work?

Instant Implementation

The Elbowspace.com Online Reseller Program was developed to allow our client's, with an abundance of form users, to franchise our technology. When you implement the Online Reseller Program, you are essentially utilizing our web site, and all of it's functionality, as if it were your own. All references to Elbowspace.com are removed. These links take you to pages that can be seamlessly integrated into your web site by modifying page headers. If you are lacking the time or resources to develop your own site headers, contact us and we can help. You'll be selling web forms in a matter of minutes!

Elbowspace, Inc. is currently waiving the $150.00 Online Reseller Program setup fee. This service is now absolutely free to you. Sign up today and start earning commission immediately.

Turnkey billing
Your customer's credit card is processed directly on Elbowspace.com's servers. Statements reflect a charge from Elbowspace Inc.

Customer Support
Choose to provide support for your customers or let Elbowspace.com provide e-mail support transparently under the Elbowspace name.

Real time, client data viewing & download
Your customers have direct access to their client data, they are free to login and access this information 24/7.

Real time, form management
Your customers can manage their form accounts themselves, letting you get on with more important business.

We write you a check for your commission! Your commission payout is 30% of the retail price charged to your clients.
Commission checks are mailed out on the 15th of every month and relect sales for the prior calendar month.
More Detail

Transaction Reports
With the extensive query and reporting capability of the Online Reseller Program, you can see your transaction activity in real time. Select by date range and view orders made by your customers, forms created, and complete payout statistics. You'll always know how much you have made each day!

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