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China SIM Card Order Form (2)
SIM Card Types. All Prices in USD.
China Unicom 4G SIM
1 GB Data & 60 Mins Local Calls, National Coverage
China Unicom 4G SIM Card/National (1 GB) - data & voice
Hong Kong 4G SIM Card - data & voice
China Unicom 4G SIM
2 GB Data & 100 Mins Local Calls, National Coverage
China 4G Data SIM
1 GB Data Only, National Coverage
China 4G Data SIM
2 GB Data Only, National Coverage
Additional Airtime
Airtime Credit Filling in Your SIM
Additional Airtime Units for China Unicom 4G SIM Card
Additional Data
International Direct Calls*
Taiwan Data SIM Card (unlimited data for 10 days)
Hong Kong 4G Data SIM Card (unlimited data for 10 days)
Keep Your Number*
VPN Add-on
International Roaming Add-on*
Working in most countries, receiving text is free
* Direct International Calling (optional)
Zone A (100 Mins); Zone B (60 Mins); Zone C (40 Mins); Zone D (20 Mins)
Zone A: Hongkong, USA, Canada, Singapore;
Free Call: 100 minutes; Additional Calls: 6c/min; Price:$15.00.

Zone B: Taiwan(Except 008861418、00886986、00886973、008869712、008869713、008869714、008869715、008869001),Macao, Korea,Malaysia,India,Thailand(Except ACES 006681200, 006681201);
Free Call: 60 minutes; Additional Calls: 11c/min; Price:$15.00.

Zone C: Japan, Vietnam, Colombia, Brunei ;
Free Call: 40 minutes; Additional Calls: 15c/min; Price:$15.00.

Zone D: Australia, France(Except French Netherlands Antilles 003359、0033638、0033640 and so on), Spain, Greece, Egypt, Russia (Except 007954), Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Ukraine, Mongolia;
Free Call: 20 minutes; Additional Calls: 30c/min; Price:$15.00.
* Keep your number is for SIM valid period extension after 90 days initial valid period. It is optional.
Delivery Information
Delivery Address
Hotel Check In Date (Month/Day/Year)
Delivery Address in USA or Other Countries
Departing Date for China/HK ( Month/Day/Year )
Phone Number for Delivery Address:Area Code Included Please
Shipping & Handling:
* Delivery of your China SIM card to you in most cities in mainland China takes 3-4 days, delivery to your hotel/hostel in China to be awaiting you upon your arrival.

NOTE: If you have your SIM delivery in China, we will send you your phone number when we receive your order. (please allow 12-24 hrs. for us to e-mail your phone #) so that you can give it out to those who need it before you leave home. Before the SIM Pack dispatching, we call hotels or other delivery destinations to make sure the pack kept upon you arriving.)

*1-4 business days delivery in Australia (via Australia Post).

*5-6 business days delivery in U.S.A., Canada, Western Europe, Eastern Asia or Japan (via EMS or S.F. Express).

*Estimated 9-15 days delivery in U.S.A., Canada, Western Europe, Eastern Asia or Japan (via Postal Service Air Mail)).

*Estimated 4 weeks delivery in the rest of world (via Postal Service Air Mail).
Grand Total:
Customer Information
*First Name
*Last Name
*E-mail Address
*Home/Office Phone No. Incl. Area CodeArea Code Included Please
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