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Submission Form 2.02

Thanks to our following benefactors, we are able to run and maintain this new form!

Ryan ``Dynax076`` Emeraldblade
Lady Blade
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About You
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Pet Info
Upload a Picture of your Pet Page
To take screenshots, open your Spellbook to the Pet Page (Hotkey: I) and hit the ``Prt Scr`` or ``Print Screen`` button. You will find this picture in your My Documents > Wizard101 folder.

***NOTE: Now that Pet Abilities have expanded larger than their previous format, please fill out this form TWICE:

* One for Talents, and
* One for Derby Skills.

This will improve verification accuracy when we check these. Thanks!***

Please, do NOT crop or modify the size of your screenshots! (It prevents us from verifying a lot of other items about the pet.)
Photo Submission (original screenshot/file, please)* JPEG/JPG Format ONLY
 Please make sure your picture is in .JPG or .JPEG format, or it will be REJECTED!
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Any feedback you have for us will be greatly appreciated!

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