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History Quiz (Self-Grading)
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Who was the second president of the United States?
A. George Washington
B. Thomas Jefferson
C. John Adams
D. Andrew Jackson

In what war was the United States national anthem conceived?
A. Revolutionary War
B. Civil War
C. World War I
D. World War II
E. War of 1812

Name a battle involving Soviet vs German forces during World War II?
A. Kursk
B. Stalingrad
C. Battle of the bulge
D. Both A & B
E. All of the above

What year did World War II officially start?
A. 1933
B. 1939
C. 1941
D. 1945

General that is largely credited with the victory at the battle of Saratoga?
A. George Washington
B. James Clinton
C. John Paul Jones
D. Benedict Arnold
E. Alexander Hamilton

Who was the 7th president of the United States?
A. Andrew Jackson
B. Martin Van Buren
C. James Madison
D. Thomas Jefferson
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