Elbowspace Security Policy
All forms created on Elbowspace.com will be hosted on a secure server at no extra charge. Our backend processing (including form creation & form results retrieval) is also completely secure.
Data Security
We use the highest level of security, SSL 256 bit encryption, to insure that your information 100% secure.

Cryptographers consider 256-bit encryption impossible to crack, as it would take millions of years with the fastest computers to try all the combinations. On the other hand, 40- and 56-bit keys are not as strong and it is feasible to try all the combinations.

SSL technology defined

SSL is a protocol for securing communication between a web browser, and web server. Whenever you access a web server using https, the page you are sent is encrypted, and any information you send to that server is also encrypted. Many online transactions fail at the last minute when consumers consider the potential risks of entering their credit card and other personal information, or when it is not clear whether it is safe to download code from your site. Utilizing Godaddy's digital SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 'handshake', based on the leading security protocol on the Internet, you and your customers can rest assured that all online communications are secure while the information is being transmitted. Securing the transmission of information holds obvious benefits, as does signifying that we are a trustworthy online organization. The tried-and-tested technology of Godaddy's SSL Web Server Certificate protects against password and information interception, ensuring that the online relationship we have with you, the customer, will be one based on trust.

Data Security Details
Standard SSL 256 Bit Security All information entered by your clients is protected by the highest level of security; SSL 256 bit encryption. Perfect for credit card & other sensitive information. This protection comes standard on all form subscription packages.
Pages Secured by SSL:
SSL is present throughout our entire system. After login to your Elbowspace account, you can be confident that there are no weak security links that present opportunities for malicious intent.
Secure Images Give your users confidence by keeping your form page 100% secure. When images resolve from an unsecured server, the browser will generate a message, to your users, similar to the following: "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items". Having us host your images and form page (on our 100% secure servers) eliminates these annoying messages. There is no extra charge to host your images.
Password protected forms allow you to pick & choose who will submit your forms.
Display IP Addresses Form results (both email & database) display the ip address of the submitter.
Block IP Addresses Block an individual ip address or a range of ip addresses, to prevent unauthorized (spam) use of your forms.
Audit Trail Logs We keep up to one year of audit trail logs covering anyone that has logged into your elbowspace.com account. This includes logs for all of your subordinate (child) accounts. This information is available for your review real-time, 24/7.
Anti-Spam Security Code Image (Captcha) Prevent unauthorized (spam) use of your forms by forcing your clients to enter the correct security code. The code is displayed on the form as an image that is not readable to automated programs.
Onsite and Offsite Backups Backups of the entire system are taken every evening.
Database Field Level Encryption The database encryption option will encrypt selected sensitive data (like social security no & credit card no) while it resides on our databases. Not to be confused with SSL (which we also provide), database encryption protects your data after we receive it as opposed to during it's transmission.
Enhanced Security Mode Enhanced Security Mode, when switched on, will send intrusion alert emails to the owner of the account, if the following conditions present themselves: a) If 5 consecutive unsuccessful login attempts cause a lockout of this account, an email indicating this possible attempted intrusion will be sent to the account owner. b) If a successful login is detected from a ip address that is not the normal location of the account owner, an email indicating this possible attempted intrusion will be sent to the account owner. Also, when switched on, will also require a password change every 90 days without repeating any one of your last 5 passwords.
Audit Trail Logs Audit trail logs provide detailed information pertaining to the access of each of
your Elbowspace.com accounts, including child (subordinate accounts).
The information includes:

Log Date: Date of login.
Log Time: Time of login.
User IP Address: An IP address is the unique identifier of a computer connected to the internet (a lot like a phone number). This information is important for recognizing a non-pattern login. This could expose a login intrusion.
User Login: Elbowspace.com userid (your email address)
System Status: Either login successful or attempted login unsuccessful.
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