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How do I get paid?
Commission Plan Rules
1. Your commission payout is calculted as follows:
Monthly Gross Sales Total Commission Percentage
0 - $99 0%
$100 - $2500 30%
$2501 - $5000 33%
$5001 - $7500 36%
$7501 - $10000 39%
$10001 - $12500 42%
Over $12500 45%
Eg. John had $5700 in sales for the month of April and $115 for the month of March. His commission percentage for April is 36%. His commission check for $2052 is sent out on May 15th.
2. You must have a valid tax id or social security number on file.
    (We can not pay you without this information)
3. Commission checks are mailed out on the 15th of every month and reflect sales for the prior calendar month.
4. Commission is based on form subscription sales only.
5. A gross sales minimum of $100 per month, for two consecutive calendar months, is required to qualify for commission in the current month.
6. Any fees, for custom work we provided, are excluded from the commission calculation.
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