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Priced Options
Priced Options: To create a priced option, that adds to the total, simply append a price to the end of any option.
- Rule 1: Price must start with your currency symbol. For Example: Dollar sign ($) for the U.S.
- Rule 2: Price must have 2 decimal postions. For example $26.00
- Rule 3: Price must be located at the very end of the option.
If any of these rule are violated, the price will display but will not add to the total.
  Radio Buttons & Drop Dwon Selection Boxes
Valid Examples of Priced Options: Invalid Examples of Priced Options:
  Text Boxes
  By entering a description and price in the 'Pre-fill Value' box, you can turn this text box into a priced option.
  Use the readonly or hidden options to prevent your customer from manipulating the value.
Valid Example of Priced Options: Invalid Example of Priced Options:

Pre-fill Value

Pre-fill Value
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